Newry Fliers v Magherafelt Titans

  • January 5, 2016

After a narrow defeat to Tigers last week, Newry’s second game of the New Year was against the Magherafelt Titans in the Abbey Grammar. We were more determined than ever to come away with our first win of the New Year. Niall Byrne got Newry off to a flying start scoring almost half of our points in the first quarter. The Titans shooting accuracy, however, gave them a narrow lead of two points going into the next quarter.

The starting five came out again in the second quarter with a much more intense defence and held the Titans to only seven points. Our captain Paul Crawley featured strongly with countless assists and a clutch three by Decky Mathers on a depleted shot clock saw Newry finally take the lead, ending that quarter 26-23 to Newry.

Ryan Lennon started Newry’s second half with two free throws as we battled on for the win. The Titans hadn’t given up yet and a tough physical game pursued. However, smart plays and fast ball movement made way for easy points for Decky Mathers and Niall Byrne. Thanks to the diligent defensive by the big men Ryan Lennon and Conor Twomey Newry was still able to maintain our three point lead at the end of the third quarter.

It was anyone’s game heading into the fourth. Coach Brady rallied the team for one last push. Titans played a physical defence, leading to many fouls but Newry remained disciplined and we were able to find our mark with Anthony Green finishing the game 42-37 with two free throws. A very demanding game but nevertheless the Newry Fliers were able to deliver with another win and with no doubt many more to come.