Newry flies high over Eagles

  • November 15, 2016

After losing their first few matches of the season, the Fliers went into this game wanting to prove themselves. The Eagles being a big physical team had proved to be tough opponents in the past but Newry were up to the challenge.

The first quarter started off with a quick score from Newry’s Decky Mathers. The Eagles replied almost immediately by drawing a foul and heading to the free throw line for two easy points. The Fliers struggled on defence initially allowing the Eagles to score and gain a lead of 9-4. Great play from Paul Crawley getting himself on the scoresheet and feeding the ball to Aaron O’Reilly for some pinpoint shooting closed the gap between the two teams near the end of the quarter and the Newry men found themselves up by one point.

The second quarter proceeded with Crawley and O’Reilly providing the baskets for the home team. Each basket was matched by a basket from the Eagles and the scores remained close. The addition of Anthony Greene onto the court aided in Newry’s play as he controlled the ball and supplied great passes to Mathers who scored three free throws at the end of the quarter to extend the lead to 23-21.

Newry headed into the second half confident as a result of their play so far, however, this confidence was short lived as the Eagles came out strong and dialled in their shooting early. The away team was able to break into the lead with some accurate shooting and tough defence. Only Gavin Cumiskey and Anthony Greene were able to break through this tough man defence with some strong work under the basket. The Fliers found themselves down by 8 points with 1.5 seconds left. A great inbound pass from Finn Ovesen to Aaron Miller lead to a basket just as the buzzer sounded for the end of the quarter with the score at 37-31 in favour of the Eagles.

The Fliers went into the final quarter frustrated with their play in the 3rd but ready to put in all they had to snap their losing streak. It all started on defence. The men had to stop the other team from scoring if they were ever going to cut the lead. Some great hustle from everyone on the team lead to turnovers in possession. Great offensive rebounding from O’Reilly meant Newry had more control of the ball. Baskets were contributed by a variety of players on the team and the game became level. After a poor start to the game, Miller finally found his way at the end of the game and scored the final 8 points for Newry giving them a 6 point lead. Excellent defence ultimately won the Fliers the game as they only allowed three baskets to be scored against them in the final quarter. The final score was 51-46, with Newry bagging their first win of the season.


  1. Crawley – 11, A. O’Reilly – 10, A. Miller – 10, A. Greene – 9, D. Mathers – 9, G. Cumiskey – 2