Primary Blitz for Fliers

  • December 6, 2015

Sunday the 6th December saw the busiest day in the Fliers competitive calendar when ten teams from across Northern Ireland came together in the Abbey Grammar school to go head to head in a round robin day of basketball.

With boys and girls teams running side by side the Newry Fliers faced tough competition on all fronts. The slightly more experienced boys’ team were ably lead by Rory Jennings and Tiernan Burns to two victories across the day and losing out to strong teams from Star and Queens. But the boys showed determination and a willingness to improve their burgeoning skills.

The U12 girls team fought hard and worked throughout the day but were unable to take home a win. The team started the tournament on shaky ground but grew in strength across the day. Facing some strong and experienced competition the blitz has once again given the team lots to work on for the future.

Overall the day was a great success thanks to Fliers past, present and honorary. The tireless work of these committed volunteers is taking this once small club to ever growing heights.

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