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  • Under 16 Boys- Game Reports

    Newry Fliers 32 Queens 21 - Sat 16th Jan 2016

    Newry Fliers U16 boys got the second half of their season off to a strong start with an impressive, yet sometimes frustrating, win over Queens.

    The Fliers started off quickly thanks to point guard Euan McKeown breaking to the basket for 2 points and a free throw. Queens responded quickly in the form of a lay up from C Doherty. The opening minute of this game suggested it was going to be a close encounter and it failed to disappoint, as both teams battled for a jump up the league table. The remaining seven minutes of the first quarter were fast paced and often manic, as both teams tried to find their stride and settle into the game. The Fliers settled first, with some fast break work from game MVP Conor Mathers, giving the home team an 8-4 lead at the end of the quarter.

    The second quarter saw a turn of the tables, with Queens dominating from start to finish. Whilst the Fliers worked hard in defence, they had gaps which Queens' D Toner took advantage of, driving to the basket. Sloppy hands got the Fliers into foul trouble early on, adding to Queens' score. At the other end of the court Queens' hustling at the top of the key proved tough for the Fliers, as the struggled to get near the basket, scoring just one point compared to Queens' 10, giving the visiting side a 9-14 lead at the half.

    The third quarter proved quiet for both teams in terms of scoring. Once again Mathers stepped up to the plate for the Fliers in a desperate bid to claw back some points and close the gap. Defensively, the Fliers looked at their strongest. The boys worked as a unit, shutting down any attempts at the basket and clearing up on rebounds. The hard work kept Queens at bay, with only three points in eight minutes. 

    Apart from the early points of Mathers, the Fliers failed to take advantage of their defensive efforts on the court. Queens got themselves into foul trouble within the first four minutes and despite the encouragement from the Fliers' coaches, the home side failed to drive to the basket, instead focusing on outside shots, resulting in Queens still leading 15-17 going into the final quarter.

    With only a basket in the difference, the final quarter was to be intense and exciting, and it failed to disappoint. The Fliers' came back on, pumped and ready to dominate, and they did just that. Three turnovers in the opening minute turned the game around, with the Fliers taking the lead for the first time since the first quarter. This confidence boost allowed the Fliers to soar for the remaining minutes, dominating defensively and attacking hard in offence. Despite their best efforts, Queens had no way back, scoring 4 points compared to the Fliers' 17 points in the final quarter, giving the Fliers a 32-21 victory.


    Ballymena BC 56 Newry Fliers 16 - 21st Nov 2015

    Newry Fliers U16 boys travelled to Ballymena on Saturday where they faced tough competition. Knowing that Ballymena's U16 were an older and more experienced squad, the Fliers went in to the game hoping to hold their own. From the off, Ballymena were tough to control. The extra year of experience that the boys had was evident as they outplayed the visiting side, scoring 3 baskets in quick succession. It was up to Fliers' captain Conor Mathers to settle his squad, making the first two points for Newry, followed up quickly by leading scorer Niall Traynor. This settled the rest of the squad and they began to find their stride. However, 4 minutes into the game double tragedy struck the Fliers, as both Mathers and Traynor had to be substituted off due to injury. This unsettled the Fliers and once again the boys looked nervous, knowing they would have to up their game.

    Going into the second quarter with new players the Fliers found a fresh lease of energy and determination in the form of vice-captain Kaylem McShane. McShane's enthusiasm and fight rubbed off on his team mates and they settled into the game, working as one and displaying a tough defensive zone. This took Ballymena by surprise and they struggled to get a shot up for the first few minutes of the quarter. At the other end of the court the Fliers took advantage with McShane opening scoring, followed up with a three-pointer from Sé O'Grady. Once Ballymena recovered their scoring continued, leading 30-9 at half time.

    Going into the second half, the Fliers knew they would need something miraculous to happen to take a win, given that they lost players so early on. The players knew that their focus was now damage control and working to ensure that they made it as difficult as possible for Ballymena to score. Both Conor Brolly and Farron O'Hare shone in the second half for the Fliers as they gave the game their everything. The shooting guards paired up well on defence with both clearing up on rebounds. Gaining this advantage the duo paired up equally as well on offence, with the help of point guard Euan McKeown. The energy and attack increased three-fold for the Fliers but unfortunately this was not enough against this tough Ballymena side as they took an easy win in the BNI League. The Fliers now look to shake off this game, put it down to experience and regroup before they face their old club rivals Omagh Thunder next week.

    U16 Boys 2 DSCF5937 DSCF5800

    Queens 28 Newry Fliers 32 - 25th Oct 2015

    Newry Fliers U16 boys got their new season off to a flying start with a narrow win away to Queens, Belfast in what was to be an exciting and intense opener.

    Having won possession, the Fliers opened scoring early on with the hard work of post player Niall Traynor proving advantageous in the first few minutes. The Fliers used this confidence boost to settle their nerves and they continued with some excellent work on offence, led by point guard Conor Mathers. Mathers moved the ball well, seeing gaps on the court to allow Riley Murphy to score three jump shots in quick succession.

    At the other end of the court the new zone defence, which the Fliers have been developing in preseason, seemed to be working well, as Queens struggled to get near the basket to attack. The enthusiasm and communication between the Newry boys forced Queens to take outside shots, mostly falling short and allowing the visiting side to take an early 4-13 lead.

    Fresh legs in the second quarter should have seen another surge from the Fliers as they continued on the attack. However, it was Queens who gained the advantage before the half, with their tall post players cleaning up on rebounds and points under the basket. Despite this, the Fliers settled themselves and early nerves disappeared as the team came together, stopping Queens from scoring any more points in the quarter.

    At the other end of the court Newry were having no luck despite the best efforts of Farron O’Hare and Ross Fegan at the top of the key. The perseverance of game MVP Kaylem McShane gave the Fliers a breakthrough in the dying minutes, with four points, to keep the Newry boys in a narrow but vital 10-17 lead.

    The second half saw both teams put on their strongest players as the battle heated up with both sides fighting for the coveted first win. Newry had the upper hand in the third quarter with the combination of Mathers and Traynor working wonders to give the Fliers an 8 point lead going into the final seven minutes.

    The final quarter was set to be an intense battle and it failed to let spectators down. Despite Queens now looking like the underdog, they were by no means down and out as they tightened up their defence and applied a press in their own half of the court. The Fliers did well to deal with this, with all players working together to get the ball across half court. Though having jumped over the most difficult hurdle, the Fliers were unable to do anything with the ball and Queens pounced on this, converting rebounds and turnovers to points and clawing the game back to a mere 4 point gap.

    With 90 seconds left on the clock the win was for the taking by either side. Despite the tremendous efforts of Queens, the Fliers worked together as a team, holding on to the game and taking a deserved 28-32 win.

    Newry Fliers: N.Traynor 12, R.Murphy 6, C.Mathers 5, K.McShane 4, F.O’Hare 2, D.O’Hare 2, C.Crawley 1, N. Reavey, R.Fegan, O.Pentony, C.Brolly, D.O’Shea.

    DSCF5561 DSCF5471 DSCF5630

  • Under 14 Boys- Game Reports

    Newry Fliers 52 vs Omagh Thunder 35 - Sunday 13th Dec 2015

    Newry's U14 continued their season with 2 home games to close off the first half of their season. So far, Newry had been very successful and were looking to show their skills at their first game at the Fliers new home at the Abbey Grammar school.

    First team up was Omagh Thunder. Omagh had been doing well in the league and should it should have been a close game, but they travelled down to Newry with a depleted squad, which left it very comfortable for Newry inside the paint.

    The first half was quite close, For Newry, Matthew Munroe &  Manual Hoya worked well from the guard positions to open the scoring and found weaknesses inside the Omagh defence. they were able to drive in and dish the ball to the open man finding space along the back of the court. Eoghan Byrne was able to replicate this attack pattern, but instead of the dish was attacking the basket and making his own shooting opportunities in the paint,  both on the layup and set shots, and Omagh had no way to stop him. Omagh's captain D. Hayes on the other side, kept them in the game with some excellent ball control and shooting and the teams entered the half close, 23-18 to Newry.

    In the second half it was Shane Morgan who put on a show. He'd been relatively quiet in the first half, but in the third quarter he dominated under the basket. He was able to gain position and the defenders just had no answer to stop him. Newry's guards, James Smyth & Adam Hanna were able to feed the ball into the big man and could score directly at will.  Morgan was also able to dominate the offensive rebounds to convert the missed shots into more points. He finished the game with an eye watering 24 points, a tally most seniors would be proud off. Morgan also inspired his team mates with Eoin Sands, Adam McParland to making their scoring debut. Despite a late display of three point shooting from Omagh’s captain, Newry won the game comfortably with a total of 52 points to 35.

    Team: S Morgan 24, E Byrne 9, M Munroe 7, M Hoya-Alonso 5, E Sands 2, A McParland 2, A Hanna 2

    Newry Flies 32 vs Queens 24 - Sunday 13th Dec 2015

    Newry's second game was against a Queens’s side, who had been performing well in the league and who gave the squad their first real challenge of the season. Both teams started with a very strong man defence and found it very difficult to make an opening, Newry's Matthew Munroe making the only basket of the opening quarter.

    Despite the low scores to start, the game was still exciting to watch, it was end to end but it was the defence that was the star. Despite some excellent passing phases from Queens, and a dribble penetration attack from Newry, both defences were able to absorb and reshape as needed. For Newry Cillian McArdle & Eoghan Byrne & Cole McMahon were tenacious in their defensive effort and chased down every loose ball and fast break. They had to give up some fouls which got them into trouble later in the game, but it was great to watch such commitment on this end of the floor. It doesn't always get the credit it deserves and had such an impact on the game.

    Queens were getting the best of what little space was available and were leading for most of the game. Newry never gave up, but were frustrations were running high as the youngsters were being tested and not getting the ball control as easy as some of their recent matches. Going into the end of the final quarter Newry found themselves 6 points down with only 4 minutes to go in the game. Newry took a time out and their coach urged them to fight for the win and get those 3 baskets that would tie the game up.

    In the end it came down to Newry's big men Shane Morgan and Owen Saunders. Both had started slowly in the first half due to queens captain L. Kilpatrick. He played a very tough defence on them for most of the game and never let Newry have their own way.

    Newry had finally managed to gain some momentum however and the big men were able to work with each other, passing the ball and retrieving each other’s rebounds, until Newry got within striking distance and tied the game up with 20 seconds to go on the clock. Queens couldn't recover and the game went into Overtime at 22 points each.

    Once in overtime, Newry kept the momentum they had from eradicating Queens lead. Morgan and Munroe teamed up together for 10 points over the 3 minutes and Queens could only answer with 2. Newry finished victorious 32-24 but the final score didn't reflect how close the game actually was. It will be interesting to see how the teams perform when Queens have the home court advantage in the second leg in February.

    Team: S Morgan 21, M Munroe 6, O Saunders 5, J Smyth, C McMahon, C McArdle, T McGinn

    Andersontown Tigers 22 v Newry Fliers 32 - 21st Nov 2015

    Newry finished up their current road trip with a visit to Andersontown tigers where they were able to win with a strong contribution from all their players.

    At the start of the game, Tigers defence was very high towards the 3 point line and Matthew Munroe was quickly able to get the ball over the defence into Shane Morgan for 10 quick points, as well as getting 2 for himself. Newry went straight into a 12 to nothing lead and it was lead that tigers couldn't recover from.

    With a commanding lead secured, Fliers coach Peter Clarke was able to try new offensive strategies and this in turn allowed 7 of the fliers players to get on the score sheet. Cole McMahaon and Adam Hanna demonstrated a strong partnership combining for 8 points mostly coming from the fast breaks on turnovers. Newry's newer players James Smyth, Adam McParland and Thomas Maginn gained some valuable game experience and while not making it to the score sheet moved the ball well. Eoin Sands stood out, asking questions of the Tiger defence while battling under the basket, and getting to the free throw line. Manuel De Linase is also showing great promise getting 2 points today but was constantly troubling the Tiger players unable stop his strong passing including one very stylish behind the back assist into Owen Saunders.

    At times Newry's defence was spread thin but Tigers never took advantage of it. Newry's transition defence however was very good with strong stops from Cillian McArdle and Cole McMahon keeping Tigers from getting easy layups on the fast break. Tigers did make a comeback with their big man D Bunting having a very strong fourth quarter but it was too late and only cut Newry's lead back to 10 points to finish 32 -22.

    Players and Scorers

    Shane Morgan 14, Adam Hanna 6, Matthew Munroe 4, Owen Saunders 2, Eoghan Byrne 2, Manual De Linase 2, Cole McMahon 2, James Smyth, Cillian McArdle, Eoin Sands, Adam McParland, Thomas Maginn

    U14 Boys 2 U14 Boys 3 DSCF5758

    Blackwater Stealers 27 v Newry Fliers 39 - 14th Nov 2015

    Last Saturday Newry's U14 team travelled to Monaghan to take on Blackwater Stealers. Newry started and finished strongly but Blackwater gave Newry a fright in the second half.

    From the tip Newry took control and Shane Morgan opened the scoring for Newry and led the team's scoring for the game with 16 points.

    It was a high scoring game for both teams with plenty of attacking play for both sides. Newry's Owen Saunders and Eoin Byrne both also featured high on the sheet with 12 and 8 points respectively. Cillian McArdle also got on the score sheet for the first time this season. Newry's strong scoring meant they went into the half with a strong lead, 11-23. Matthew Munrow had an excellent game assisting on around half of Newry's scores, showing awareness beyond his years from the point position.

    In the third quarter Newry struggled and there were gaps which Blackwater found and utilised to cut into Newry's lead. At one point they drew the score to within 3 points. Newry still had an answer for them in the form of Shane Morgan who closed the game with very strong play inside the paint, for which Stealers had no answer. Newry pulled away again to finish the game convincingly 39 to 27

    Players and Scorers

    Shane Morgan 16, Owen Saunders 12, Eoghan Byrne 8, Adam Hanna 2, Cillian McArdle 2, Manual De Linase, Matthew Munroe, James Smyth, Cole McMahon, Eoin Sands, Adam McParland, Thomas Maginn

    Newry Reigns Supreme at Queens - 25th Oct 2015

    Newry’s U14 team visited Queens last weekend for an exciting season opener and first competitive game for most of the new Flyers.

    Newry took control from the tip and opened the scoring quickly with game MVP and new Flyer Shane Morgan working hard under the basket, a perfect opener for Newry. The first quarter had a quick pace and both teams found gaps in the others defense, while they settled into a rhythm. Captain Matthew Munroe was driving to the queen’s quay from the point and with help from Thomas Maginn and Morgan, put Newry in front.

    The second quarter had a slower pace and as the defensive end of the floor became controlled and settled. Cole McMahon, Eoin Sands and Adam Hanna kept the Queens team under pressure at the wing, forcing turnovers and stripping the ball from Queens. This kept queens to one score, but only Manuel De Linase was able to make an offensive impact for Newry. He repeatedly found space on the floor and made room for himself to get shots and scores away. Newry entered the half, up by 2 points 10 to 8.

    In the second half Newry really pulled away. Shane Morgan was dominant under the boards on both end of the court. Newry controlled the offensive boards and regularly got 3 or more chances for each offense. Newry’s defensive system wasn’t always as strong as it should be but good recovery by the players plus a bit of luck kept Queens from scoring. Newry were very strong on the fast break with both Cole McMahon and Matthew Munroe picking out Cillian McCardle, and he was very unlucky not to covert 3 chances when he beat the Queens defense back. Definitely a play to watch during the season. The game finished with Newry’s first victory 18 points to 10.

    Team: Shane Morgan (12), Manuel De Linase (4), Matthew Munroe (2), Niall Brolly, Cole McMahon, Eoin Sands, Cillian McArdle, Adam McParland, Adam Hanna, Owen Saunders, Thomas Maginn

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  • Under 14 Girls - Game Reports

    Fliers Blitz a Success – Sunday 22nd November 2015

    It was a long time coming but after too long Newry Fliers female squad has been resurrected, thanks to the determination of some of the senior club members and the youth and enthusiasm of a new generation of Flier.

    Proud to show off their grand new venue the Fliers hosted its first ever all girl blitz on Sunday 22nd Nov with great success in the Abbey Grammar school.

    Teams travelled from Belfast, Monaghan, Dungannon and Andersonstown to compete on the fresh boards of the Fliers new home court and the teams delivered just what was asked of them.

    While games started quietly it didn’t take long for the competition and desire to win to take over and soon spectators watched as these young women from across the country fought hard, played fair and tasted defeat and victory all in one afternoon.

    In a round robin blitz that posted all levels of talent and ability against each other the teams battled to take the win. But it was the Andersonstown Tigers who were ultimately glorious on the day winning all four of their games.

    The Fliers however showed boundless potential for the games and seasons to come and while this season is an entry into a new sport for most of the team if these girls can stick together I think Newry’s Womens Basketball might have some silverware in its future sights.

    Girls Blitz -2 Girls Blitz -3 Girls Blitz -4 Girls Blitz -5 Girls Blitz -6 Girls Blitz -7

  • Under 12 Boys - Game Reports

    U12 - Primary Blitz for Fliers - Sunday 6th December 2015

    Sunday the 6th December saw the busiest day in the Fliers competitive calendar when ten teams from across Northern Ireland came together in the Abbey Grammar school to go head to head in a round robin day of basketball.

    With boys and girls teams running side by side the Newry Fliers faced tough competition on all fronts. The slightly more experienced boys’ team were ably lead by Rory Jennings and Tiernan Burns to two victories across the day and losing out to strong teams from Star and Queens. But the boys showed determination and a willingness to improve their burgeoning skills.

    boys image 1  boys image 5 boys image 7 boys image 2 boys image 8 boys image 4

    Newry Fliers U12 boys team enjoyed great success at a recent Basketball Blitz held in Methodist College Belfast. The tournament was well attended by teams from across the North, with Newry Fliers facing a strong challenge in their first game from an experienced Star of the Sea (Belfast) team. Unfortunately for the Fliers, while playing well, were caught a little cold resulting in a narrow defeat. Shortly after Newry faced another Belfast team, Anderstown Tigers. This proved to be a tight affair with an improving Newry coming up short by the tightest of margins. The U12s galvanised by their improved performance won their last two games in fine style beating Peace Makers (Belfast) and Omagh Thunder. The Fliers will gain great confidence from their performance and will look forward with anticipation to the next outing.

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  • Under 12 Girls - Game Reports

    U12 - Primary Blitz for Fliers - Sunday 6th December 2015

    The U12 girls team fought hard and worked throughout the day but were unable to take home a win. The team started the tournament on shaky ground but grew in strength across the day. Facing some strong and experienced competition the blitz has once again given the team lots to work on for the future.

    Overall the day was a great success thanks to Fliers past, present and honorary. The tireless work of these committed volunteers is taking this once small club to ever growing heights.

    girls image 5 girls image 9 girls image 12 girls image 13  girls image 14 girls image 7 

    Newry Fliers U12 Girls Blitz - Sunday 11th October 2015

    Newry Fliers U12 Girls squads took the club on the road for the start of the season travelling to a mixed blitz held by Players for Peace in Belfast. With three games each in one busy afternoon the newly formed girls team took the floor first, with no experience of the competitive game they faced the strong and competitive Anderstown Tigers and it was a baptism of fire for the youngsters. Tigers played an aggressive game of basketball and taught the Fliers quickly that in basketball if you want the ball you just go get it.

    The Fliers rallied together and learned quickly the lessons Tigers were laying on thick. And as if the Tigers game wasn’t difficult enough, the girls played back to back games and faced Tyrone Towers in their second game of the day. This time around the girls were taken less aback by the drive and determination of an experienced team and fought hard at both ends of the court.

    While Ruth Gallagher and Roma Burton lead the way in offensive plays, Rebecca McMahon showed sparks of taking on the mantle of the Fliers point guard. Great aggression came out in spades from Erin Lindsay, Sasha Stirling, Grace Magone and Mia Comer. While Ria McMahon, Roisin Gallagher & Katy Morgan contributed positively to help Newry come out on top as winners of their final game of the day against Player for Peace.

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